“Droom will operate throughout the chain of registered warrants. It is a win-win situation for creditors and investors. It’s more money for everyone.”

Droom founder Eduardo Gouvêa, an judgments expert with over 30 years of experience, talks about the new brand and the potential of this market.

1) How does Droom stand apart from its competitors in the business of judgments and receivables?

Droom stands apart from its competitors for being a complete ecosystem, which offers solutions for both judgments creditors and investors. We have expertise in structuring solutions for different audiences. Because we are a company with a legal DNA, born from the law firm Gouvêa Advocacia e Estratégia, which has been operating in this market for more than 30 years, we understand the pain of both creditors, as they seek the best price estimates as possible, and attorneys. In addition, we offer the best alternatives for those who want to invest in judgments, with safety and profitability. Droom operates across the chain: it originates credit, intermediates, tokenizes and democratizes credit. This reduces the number of brokers and, consequently, cuts down the cost of the operation. Creditors win and investors win. More money is thrown on the table for everyone.

2) How do you see the development of this market in the coming years and how can it support the country’s economy?

Constitutional Amendments 113 and 114 have transformed government judgments into currency, which can be used in a variety of ways: from the payment of grants, privatizations, through settlement of overdue tax liabilities to purchase of public real estate. This has sparked the interest of more people in judgments. The market, which was worth a few tens of billions of BRL in registered warrants, is now expanding. The figures escalated to trillions of BRL that can be absorbed and become a potential trading target. The most interesting thing about all of this is that assets that were going stale in the court system will now be directed to the actual economy.

3) Based on your 30 years of experience in this market, what are your recommendations for those who want to invest in registered warrants and receivables?

My recommendation is to surround yourself with good professionals, look for firms specializing in receivables, rather than just taxes. Law firms often have expertise in tax law, but lack experience appraising judgments. You have to engage specialists in origination of judgments, as they can assess risk, if any, and set prices accordingly. These market specialists can provide transparency and legal security to the transactions. If you have registered warrants to offer, you have to be sure that you will get a fair price. If you are an investor, you must expect to buy valuable securities, with safety and good rates of return. Note that we are talking about a thriving market: BRL 55 billion are paid each year in registered warrants and now, as tax abatements are a possibility, this number will soar.

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