Capital Rights is now Droom! New company is led by Eduardo Gouvêa, a benchmark in Brazil’s judgment market.

Droom was born as a leading specialist in Brazilian judgments, delivering innovations in the management of registered warrants with the credibility, solidity and confidence acquired over 30 years of experience. The new brand offers the best legal and financial solutions for judgment creditors to get paid and have their dreams fulfilled earlier than expected, and for investors to achieve their goals of profitability and variety of legally backed investments.

The inspiration of Droom, which means “dream” in Danish, has a name and a surname: attorney Eduardo Gouvêa, its CEO, a nationally recognized authority in registered warrants (serving as chairperson of the Registered Warrants Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association for the years 2019–2022, and current chairperson of the Registered Warrants Council for the Rio de Janeiro Chapter of the Bar Association). Formerly Capital Rights, Droom is based in Rio de Janeiro and employs highly qualified multidisciplinary teams.

The new brand offers excellence in personalized customer service by understanding the needs and dreams of each of its clients in order to offer them the best solution possible. 

With a legal DNA, Droom relies on the expertise and solidity of the law firm Gouvêa Advocacia e Estratégia to generate greater synergy and integration for all its stakeholders. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and with offices in Brasília, GAE has had more than 90% success in lawsuits over more than three decades.

By capitalizing on state-of-the-art technology, Droom proposes to be a company that accelerates dreams by quickly and honestly unearthing all underused wealth that is available in our legal system, leaving so many dreams on hold, such as providing good education to your kids and grandchildren or going on a spectacular trip in Brazil and abroad.

Also, Droom has “financial intelligence” and a proprietary calculation approach that benefit both creditors and investors, setting fair prices that strengthen a true connection between the parties in a win-win relationship.

What’s also new is that Droom now has a digital arm, Droom Digital, whose purpose is to structure innovative solutions to generate liquidity in judgments, using digital technologies, always focused on the democratization of access to judgments for investment purposes.

With a team of facilitators and specialists, we handle judgment transactions smoothly. We know how to do it and we have the solution for those wishing to get paid for judgments and accelerate the fulfillment of their dreams. Our work is lawfully and safely conducted, and we offer a top-notch customer service to help our clients to achieve the best results and have an exceptional experience.

It should be noted that all the wealth that is idly sitting in our legal system does not contribute to the growth of the Brazilian economy. By locking up the payment of registered warrants, the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches prevent billions from being transacted in the country, failing to create employment opportunities, income and return to the government as tax money.

At Droom, we are always looking for solutions to transform registered warrants into profitable deals. After all, everyone wins. Starting with those with registered warrants to sell and dreaming of putting the money in their bank account. Also, it benefits investors interested in returns with real gains, above inflation rates and above the basic interest rate — Selic. Not to mention the advantages for the federal, state and local governments, which get rid of debts and raise cash, and for the country’s economy. In other words, Brazilian society wins.

It’s lawfully cool. It’s simple. It’s Droom.

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